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Jan 28, 2020 21 Best Torrent Sites in July 2020 - Fastest Download Speeds is a great all-in-one site that uses other websites to scrape for files. On the home screen is a tracker that shows popular download trends and categories to select content for download. It’s sure to please data geeks. Ad Annoyance: 1. Visitors Per Month: 3.4 Million. Mirror: none as of this writing. 4. BitTorrent - Wikipedia Torrents with multiple trackers can decrease the time it takes to download a file, but also have a few consequences: Poorly implemented clients may contact multiple trackers, leading to more overhead-traffic. Torrents from closed trackers suddenly become downloadable by non-members, as they can connect to a seed via an open tracker. DataTorrent Inc - Company Profile and News - Bloomberg Markets

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Torrent poisoning - Wikipedia Torrent poisoning is intentionally sharing corrupt data or data with misleading file names using the BitTorrent protocol.This practice of uploading fake torrents is sometimes carried out by anti-infringement organisations as an attempt to prevent the peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing of copyrighted content, and to gather the IP addresses of downloaders. Updated reddit comment dataset as torrents : datasets

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Torrenting is the act of downloading many small bits of files at the same time from different sources – it’s essentially crowd sourcing for media content. While it can seem safe under the camouflage of the enormous World Wide Web, torrenting files can be a risky endeavour and …