UR-86 ("You are eighty-sixed") is a minor character in Jak X: Combat Racing. A former member of the KG Death Bots, he participated in the Kras City Grand Championship as one of Mizo's hired combat racing mercenaries. He quickly gained a reputation as the deadliest racer on the circuit (though Razer asserted UR-86 was second only to him), holding some of the top records for most kills in a

Welcome to the OSx86 Project - the undisputed leader in information regarding OS X on x86 hardware and Apple's Intel transition. Open since 2005, the OSx86 Project offers users a place to trade and share information about OSx86 and the various hardware needed to run it; a virtual Wikipedia of OSx86 resources. North Atlantic '86 is an Apple II wargame written by Gary Grigsby and published by Strategic Simulations in 1983. The game covers a hypothetical conflict between NATO and the Soviet Union . A Macintosh version was released in 1986. 『86-エイティシックス-』は、安里アサトによる日本のライトノベル。 イラストは しらび 、メカニックデザインは I-IV が担当している。 電撃文庫 ( KADOKAWA ) より 2017年 2月 から刊行されている。 86(はちろく)は、トヨタ自動車がsubaru(旧・富士重工業)と共同開発したfrレイアウトのスポーツカー 。 トヨタとしてはスポーツ800(ヨタハチ)以来となる水平対向エンジンのスポーツカーである。

Hawkman: "The Valley of the Purple Pilgrim" Flash Comics #86 is an issue of the series Flash Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1947.

The IG-86 sentinel droid, also known as the IG-86 assassin droid, was a model of assassin droid manufactured by Holowan Laboratories. IG-86s were popular with gangsters such as Ziro the Hutt, and saw frequent use during the Clone Wars. Appearances Darth Maul 3, Star Wars: Galactic Defense, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars: The Clone Wars film (First appearance), Star Wars: The Clone Wars Godina 86. bila je redovna godina koja počinje u nedjelju u julijanskom kalendaru. U svoje vrijeme je bila poznata kao Godina konzulstva Augusta i Petronijana ili, rjeđe, godina 839. Ab urbe condita. Oznaka "86." An Wikimedia Commons mayda media nga nahahanungod han: 86 Usa ka turók ini nga barasahon.Usa ka turók ini nga barasahon. Dako it imo maibubulig ha Wikipedia pinaagi han pagparabong hini

F-86 セイバー 飛行するF-86F-35-NA 52-5233号機 (第72戦闘爆撃飛行隊 所属、 1955年 撮影) 用途 : 戦闘機 分類 :戦闘機 設計者 : エドガー・シュミュード ( 英語版 ) 製造者 : ノースアメリカン 社(オリジナル) 以下ライセンス生産 カナディア ( CL-13 ( 英語版 ) ) CAC ( CA-27 ( 英語版 ) ) 新

Note where /dev/sdc is the device name of the target USB disk. However, some broken BIOS may fail to boot such a USB disk. On a Windows host, you have sevral choices like Win32DiskImager or USBImageTool, and what you want.