The first preseason game in American Football League history was played on July 30, 1960 and featured the Boston Patriots at the Buffalo Bills.It was a monumental accomplishment in that the league was formed less than a year prior to the first kickoff.

NFL's first night game | Pro Football Hall of Fame NFL's first night game. 01/01/2005 The site of the NFL's first ever night game under lights. Some, such as the Providence Steam Roller player’s contract featured in this story, are not only archival documents, but also interesting artifacts in their own right. Why NFL's first London game 10 years ago was a messy … 2017-9-20 · It has been 10 years since the NFL staged its first regular-season game in London, a sloppy, soggy contest -- Eli Manning calls it a "mud-fest" -- with a historical significance that far NFL - The First Monday Night Football Game Ever (1970 Broadway Joe in Ohio. New York Jets at Cleveland Browns. The first Monday Night Football game ever! : #NYJvsCLE: Tomorrow (8PM ET) on NFL Network

For The First Time Ever, Super Bowl I Will Be Re-Aired On

40 years ago: Seahawks play the NFL's worst game ever in 40 years ago: Seahawks play the NFL's worst game ever in loss to Rams, totaling -7 yards. By Natalie Guevara, SeattlePI. Updated 6:46 pm PST, Monday, November 4, 2019 What was the first NFL team ever - Answers

What was the first NFL team ever - Answers

With the blessing of NFL president Joe Carr, the Bears and Spartans agreed to face each other the following Sunday in the league’s first-ever championship game. The 5 worst NFL teams to ever play in a Super Bowl 2020-5-17 · Not every team that ends up winning its conference is a great NFL team. Here are the five worst teams to ever play in a Super Bowl. Championship banners mean … Madden: 5 Best Games In The Series (& 5 Worst) | Game Rant 2019-12-15 · The Madden NFL video game franchise we love today finds its roots in the 1988 John Madden Football game. New installments in the franchise … Frank Gore will make NFL history in first game with Jets 2020-5-9 · Frank Gore’s Jets debut will make NFL history. Gore is currently tied with Emmitt Smith for the most regular season games played by a running back at 226. So when Gore plays in his first game…