First with the damn Reebok partnership, the ESPN2 and ESPN3 coverage (fuckin Cablevision….WHY YOU NO HAVE ESPN?!?!?!), and now with such an elaborate marketing campaign online, on TV, and on mobile, I’m starting to reconsider my shit. Remember the days when the CrossFit Games were like a huge barbecue with a bunch of people?

ESPN & the CrossFit Games: How It All Started & What It After Weiss and Budding explained the aim of the Games to the ESPN team, the two entities started to discuss how they could expose the CrossFit Games to ESPN’s massive audience. “In 2011 we entered into a multi-year deal with the Games that included a lot of live hours on ESPN3 and some late shows on ESPN2,” says Myers. The CrossFit Games Are Coming to ESPN2 - YouTube Sep 07, 2011 CrossFit Games - Wikipedia In 2011, ESPN began to broadcast the CrossFit Games, with live coverage streamed through ESPN3, and some television coverage on ESPN2. As the event grew, ESPN expanded its television coverage; in 2014, the network entered into a multi-year deal to continue broadcasting the CrossFit Games, and coverage expanded to nine-and-a-half hours on ESPN

Aug 06, 2018 · CrossFit Games HQ director Dave Castro left it late to announce this final two events, the first of which was the Handstand Walk. For time, with a four-minute cap athletes had to do 50 double

Full coverage of CrossFit Games fits ESPN nicely - ESPN

Jul 20, 2015

Jul 23, 2013 The CrossFit Games 2014 Cheat Sheet - Ericka Andersen Jul 24, 2014 The CrossFit Games Start Next Week! – Treasure Coast CrossFit The following is the television schedule for the CrossFit Games:. From Tuesday, July 23 through Thursday, July 25, Masters heats can be seen on From Friday, July 26 through Sunday, July 28 the CrossFit Games will be covered on ESPN3 (a geo-blocked version of the ESPN3 show will be available for fans outside the United States). ). Every heat of every event of Individual and ESPN2 to Present First-Ever Live Telecast of the CrossFit Jul 22, 2013