If the speed is slower than your suppose to get, you will need to contact your Internet service provider, if not, continue with the router troubleshooting below. On your wifi router. Change frequencies (2.4 GHz VS 5 GHz) Note: 2.4 GHZ is recommended for Streaming. 5GHz channels are more susceptible to interference. Change channels on your modem

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You don't connect the TV to Internet. You connect it with the router. The router is connected to the modem (although they can be combined in one device) and the modem is connected with Internet. Jun 21, 2019 · Provided that your JVC smart TV support Android without issues, updating apps is a breeze. The process is largely the same as that of updating Android phone apps. Here’s what you have to do: Make sure that your TV has a stable internet connection. Open the Google Play Store from the menu. Search for the app that you want to update and click Whether is streaming, downloading, surfing, or just about any smart task that you get done with your best 40 Inch Smart TV, you will need a stable internet connection. Most TVs are now WiFi

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