(Solved) - Why am I losing internet connection

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Tag: Internet Keeps Going In And Out Elektrospaces – How the Police Taps the Internet About how signals intelligence agencies, like NSA and GCHQ, are intercepting communications, we learned a lot from the Snowden revelations and the German parliamentary inquiry, but also from new legislation in France , the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. For some reason, my internet keeps going in and out of service. I will be playing an online game but get disconnected from the server every 6-8 seconds. I tested if it could be my internet provider, but when I connect via Ethernet cord to my modem, it works great. Yes everything is plugged in and connect well. It's weird cuz some days I can go all day without it going out then others it's like 5x/day. Yesterday for example, beautiful sunny day no clouds or rain and I had to restart or was booted out of my system 5 times. Tuesday it worked all day and didn't go down once.