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RTÉ’s radio stations are available in the UK via satellite, with Freesat, Sky or a free-to-air receiver. Radio 1 can be found on EPG channel 0160 on Sky and 750 on Freesat. RTÉ services can be found in the TuneIn and Irish Radioplayer internet radio smartphone apps. The RTÉ Radio Player app also offers live and on-demand radio programmes. Why is RTE One HD on Sky not available to viewers in The NI minimux is part funded by the UK Government (for TG4) and RTE pay for the rest, so maybe this explains the abscence of HD on there, Maybe, but there's a technical reason anyway, I think the mux only has a payload of about 10-12 Mb/s (to make it nice and robust reception wise) so it could barely carry one HD service, never mind RTE 1, 2 What to stream on Netflix, the RTÉ Player and other services

Emails from annoyed viewers abroad led to RTÉ's new

How you get TG4, RTE One and RTE Two | nidirect The Republic of Ireland channels TG4, RTE One and RTE Two are widely available in Northern Ireland via an aerial, satellite and cable. Freeview or Saorview Technical differences between Freeview and Saorview may affect the equipment you need and the channels you can receive.

RTÉ Player Beta; Right, let’s get to it. Blocking Ads on RTÉ Player Beta. Open up Chrome. That was an easy start, right? Next up, you’ll need to install the uBlock Origin Chrome extension. Once that’s installed, open up the extension from the top of your browser.

Listen to live and on-demand radio from all RTÉ' radio services: RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2fm, RTÉ lyric fm, RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta and the RTÉ Digital Radio stations. Choose from a wide selection of on demand and podcasts produced by programmes across the RTÉ Radio services.