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Because of the high number of Filipinos in the UAE, OFW's have called more direct flights from the UAE to the Philippines. Population decline. The global financial crisis of 2008–2009 has taken a toll on the working Filipino population in the United Arab Emirates, and in December 2008 alone, 3,000 Filipino workers lost their jobs. 47 Reasons Why We Love the UAE - Edarabia “I love the UAE as it is extremely forward thinking; inspiring and educating children with its cutting edge initiatives. Within our school we have over 39 different nationalities, proving what a dynamic and vibrant culture the UAE is. This is why I love working in the UAE.” Lilia Palmer-Jones, Student, Year 6 Why Should You Work in Dubai? - Oct 17, 2019

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Dear I’m working in a security company i was arrived in UAE on 23 March 2015 and my company ask me to just take rest in camp and after 45 days thy ask me to start my duty during this period thy didn’t pay me any thing and from last 15 month i didn’t get any day off … Is the UAE the most depressing place in the world? | One Burj Khalifa. But the UAE is an exception, because no matter which person in the service industry you talk to, the story is identical. They’re here on a temporary work permit (usually 2-5 years), and work 12+ hours per day, 6-7 days per week.

Opportunity and work. As a dynamic and forward looking organisation, RSM Dahman offers a lively and exciting workplace with endless opportunities for personal development and growth. At RSM, no two career paths are the same. We provide the structure to enable you to create your career path and accommodate your needs.

AWNIC has grown to become the company of choice for consumers looking for Insurance in the UAE. The firm is acknowledged for its foundation as a professionally managed organization with innovative ideas and the adaptability to accommodate to digital and technological trends in the market. Why using the 'F-word' is a crime. is a crime punishable by law in the UAE, legal and language experts have said. Save and invest wisely to make your money work for you. Why regional rivals Turkey and UAE are in war of words over Libya. Ankara and Abu Dhabi, who find themselves on opposing sides of many Middle East issues, now trade barbs over Libya war. The UAE, a major international air transit center and the Gulf region’s tourism and business hub, also banned its citizens from going abroad and will require those returning to stay at home for