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You Should Turn Off Your WiFi Router at Night. Here’s How. Jul 18, 2020 Can I connect my ps3 to the internet with my phone? - Quora If you are using a smartphone with Wi-Fi feature, then go to the settings and search for WiFi Hotspot or any similar name and turn it on. If needed you can even keep WPA/PSK security, it doesn’t matter. Then go to your PS3 connection options and s How to Use your iPhone to tether WiFi for your XBOX 360 or PS3 Paying for internet WiFi? That's SO 2010. If you have one internet connection on your iPhone 3G then you can share that connection with just about any other device, such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop, XBOX 360, and PS3. This method of tethering will only work if your iPhone is jailbroken.

Ps3's latest updates force background internet connections via wifi even without your permission. Most games will try to connect even if you have a partial internet connection and make any game a

How can I get the ps4 to use 5ghz wifi - PlayStation 4 TC, only thing I can suggest is to do use the method I'm using. I set up a second, older dual band router as a client bridge (or repeater, if you want to use that term) next to my PS4 and wired it. The second router acts as a bridge over the 5ghz wifi band of my main one and the wired connection to the PS4 allows it to take full advantage of How Can I Connect My PS3 To 5ghz For Online Gaming?. Apr 03, 2011

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Remote Play Thread: Play PS4 games on Vita/VitaTV via WiFi Sep 21, 2013