Eclipso Eclipso (JLU) Justice League Unlimited (figures) JLU Characters in Figures Eclipso (JLU) Eclipso appears in a Justice League episode called 'Eclipsed'. Although never referred to by name, Eclipso is characterized as the collective souls of an evil race of serpent-like humanoids called "Ophidians" who imprisoned themselves in a black diamond called the "Heart of Darkness" to eventually

Initial storage volume eclipso Premium 40 GB, memory can be gradually increased free of charge. In the eclipso Freemail and eclipso Connect tariffs, the storage upgrade is subject to a fee. * Become a Connect, Premium or Business user to benefit from exclusive features. Once you sign up as a free user, you can easily upgrade your account. Eclipso is the original Spirit of God's Wrath. After his fall, he became an agent of chaos, possessing others to fulfill his nefarious needs. In the beginning, God's Spirit of Wrath was made flesh to punish the wicked and wash the world clean of vice and iniquity. Then, he was known as Galid. Wrath, by definition, is driven largely by anger, whereas vengeance requires a more discerning hand Origin. Silver Age. Eclipso was the alter-ego of scientist Dr. Bruce Gordon.While attempting to view a solar eclipse out in a remote jungle, a tribal sorcerer by the name of Mophir attacked Gordon. Eclipso is a powerful cosmic entity representing the wrath of God. Eventually he turned evil and was cast from Heaven, with the Spectre chosen to take his place. He is an entity who bonds himself to a human host using black diamonds to bring out their anger, usually taking the form of scientist Bruce Gordon. Although he is capable of bringing out the darkest evil deep in the hearts of men by

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Bruce Gordon and his Eclipso strike force (including the Creeper and Cave Carson) have fallen into the clutches of Eclipso. Now that they’ve managed to get into the stronghold of Parador, they may not be able to escape with their lives.

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Rescue The Flash™ from Eclipso’s evil plans! Fly in with Wonder Woman™ to save The Flash™ in Eclipso’s Dark Palace, featuring 2 levels, plenty of accessory elements, Invisible Jet, Jewel Jet and 3 Kryptomites.