Cisco router can also support IOS based SSL VPN. But you'll need a higher platform for this feature and to offlload on router memory and CPU. I would advise to use the ASA firewall to act as the VPN termination point because of the flexible and innate (security level) security function and router to do only WAN/routing functions.

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The only “concept” is to terminate the partners on the Cisco ASA and to allow the remote offices to access the second firewall for VPN termination. That is, the static IP addresses from the remote offices must be allowed in an ACL on the Cisco ASA to reach the second firewall directly.

VPN device reboot—Either end of the VPN tunnel termination points was rebooted to simulate service outage. Note: For LAN-to-LAN tunnels where the VPN 5000 Concentrator is used, the concentrator is configured using the MAIN mode and tunnel responder. What is hardware VPN? - Definition from hardware VPN: A hardware VPN is a virtual private network ( VPN) based on a single, stand-alone device. The device, which contains a dedicated processor , manages authentication , encryption , and other VPN functions, and provides a hardware firewall . Hardware VPNs provide enhanced security for the enterprise in much the same way that Defining a VPN - Elsevier

Sep 29, 2011 · In many cases, the VPN termination device is also the firewall that protects the corporate network from the Internet, but it can also be a stand-alone device. This device is configured to allow

What to know about VPN termination - SearchNetworking Central site VPN termination. Network teams have several choices regarding where to terminate the central end of VPN tunnels. Inside the site's firewall. This places remote devices inside the organization's secure perimeter. If the firewall can't decrypt the remote site's traffic, it … Proven Solutions for Secure VPN Connection Terminated Luckily, there are many 3rd-party VPN programs like NordVPN that can bypass all the VPN connection termination issues. The VPN program has versions for all Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS devices. The setup is as easy as a 1-2-3 click-though process. Video guide: Set up NordVPN program with ease Where to terminate a VPN - SearchSecurity