Then locate and click on Settings then click on Wireless & networks then click on Tethering & portable hotspot. Click and Mark the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot box. How you can setup WI-fi hotspot on your Infinix device. Hold and drag down the upper screen of your Infinix device. Then go ahead to turn “On” hotspot from the menu you dragged down.

Mar 02, 2020 Free WiFi Hotspot - wirelessly share any internet connection You are allowed to set up a WiFi hotspot via standard 2G/3G/4G modem. It can also share USB tethering connection and GPRS over WiFi. As long as your laptop is online, other nearby devices and your friends, families & coworkers will be, too. 6 Best Free WiFi Hotspot Software For Windows 10

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Set Up a Mobile Hotspot - Wireless Support A mobile hotspot provides a secure internet connection for other devices through Wi-Fi ®, Bluetooth ®, or a USB cable. You can also take your internet connection on the go—no smartphone required. Check out our lineup of AT&T mobile hotspot devices. Want to turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot? Go to the AT&T in-car Wi-Fi page. How to Create Windows 10 WiFi Hotspot on PC/Laptops

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Tip: Use the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager app to save more of your high speed data If you're on one of the Cricket Unlimited plans, Mobile Hotspot data is limited to 10 GB each month. After 10 GB of usage, Mobile Hotspot data speeds slowed to max of 128 Kbps for the rest of bill cycle. Mars WiFi - Free WiFi HotSpot - Free Download Download Mars WiFi - Free WiFi HotSpot. Freeware that turns your PC into a virtual router. Virus Free Setup a Wifi hotspot in Linux Mint/Ubuntu | Tutorial