The aim of the World JKA Karate Association (started in 2000 as Alliance) is to propagate pure JKA Shotokan karate steeped in the teachings and traditional methodology of the Japan Karate Association of the 1960s through to the early 1980s, prior to the death of Masatoshi Nakayama, and as outlined in the Best Karate Series.

our goal is to be of service to young people throughout the world by helping them find direction in life. breaking the cycle of crime & violence through the discipline of karate., The International Karatedo Gojukai Association Canada (IKGA Canada) is dedicated to providing instruction in the art and science of Yamaguchi Gojuryu Karatedo within Canada. It is responsible for the orderly development of this unique form of karate, under the general guidance of the international headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. Blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the “intangible” benefits of aromatherapy on human health. The Alliance of International Aromatherapists is pleased to be a sponsor for the “Intangibles” study being done by the Franklin Health Research Foundation (FHRF) on those therapeutic effects of essential oils that you haven’t been able to quite put your finger on—until now. Our members actively support our mission, objectives, and activities and IOGKF holds countless seminars, training camps and major International events every year. With over 75,000 members in over 55 different nations, IOGKF welcomes all potential members to join our International Karate family.

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SKIF was established in 1978 by Late Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa who had studied directly under Grand Master Gichin Funakoshi, and was the Director and General Manager for Forign Affair Division of JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION before he founded SKIF. Karate Shotokan Alliance International Seminar. Trico Centre For Family Wellness. 2020 June 26-28. 2 Mar. Alberta, Canada. Phone:+1 403 259 3638. E-mail:shoto Learn about the Government of Canada's funding opportunities for Canadian and international partners that work to reduce poverty in developing countries. Important notice: A new resource hub on the Global Affairs website is now live for Canadian development partners to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis at home and abroad. The third annual Canada Open Karate Championships, hosted by Karate BC, and sanctioned by Karate Canada. This event is to be held at the Richmond Olympic Oval, June 1 -2, 2019. The Canada Open will become one of the largest karate tournaments to be held in North America by offering for all levels and ages using World Karate Federation (WKF) rules.

World Karate Championship Québec Open. THIS EVENT IN 2020 IS CANCELLED. CONSULT WEBSITE/FACEBOOK FOR MORE DETAILS. Over 1,200 karatekas of all ages, levels and styles of martial arts will compete for

Kyokushin Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art created by the legendary Karate Master Mas Oyama. After studying and mastering various martial arts, he was dissatisfied with their rigid ‘single approach’ methods. So he set out to create a system that trained the student to their strengths and not to that of the teacher’s strengths, a system that was practical, NOT based on The original STA record names this as the International Karate Federation tartan, but the SRT now names this as the International Karate Alliance tartan. It was designed by Deanna Lloy and woven by Lochcarron. Although the pattern seems plain, it is about equality with the white and black, which is why there is no larger centre block. Karate Canada is pleased to announce the formation of its inaugural Athlete Council. With representation from both kata and kumite, able-bodied and para athletes, and equal female / male split, the Athlete Council strives to be the collective voice of Karate Canada’s READ MORE.