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No Tinder Matches? Fix Your Profile Problem In 5 Steps Overhaul Your Tinder Pictures. If you’re consistently striking out in the match department, take a … Why does tinder not work on my phone? - Blurtit If you have had the app on your phone for a while, and are only now having problems with Tinder, go to the app store and make sure your version is the most current one.If I have misunderstood your question, and what you really want to know about is why you are not able to find matches on Tinder, then please check out this answer here: http

Aug 17, 2017 · Find The Tinder app and tap "Uninstall." Go to the Google Play Store. Re-install Tinder. Then log-in with your username and password. Try the app out now, and if your Tinder is still crashing your Android, you can learn how to report the bug here so Tinder can investigate why the Tinder app is not working on your Android.

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