2017-7-6 · This means that it will compute the regular SHA-1 hash for files without a collision attack, but produce a special hash for files with a collision attack, where both files will have a different unpredictable hash. Who is capable of mounting this attack? This attack required over 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 SHA1 computations.

March 01, 2017 / SHA-1 collision: update for VisualSVN Server is available. The first practical collision of the SHA-1 hash function has been recently discovered and demonstrated. Researchers were able to construct two SHA-1 colliding files - the files with different content sharing identical hash value. SHA-1_百度百科 2017-2-23 · SHA-1(英语:Secure Hash Algorithm 1,中文名:安全散列算法1)是一种密码散列函数,美国国家安全局设计,并由美国国家标准技术研究所(NIST)发布为联邦数据处理标准(FIPS)。 SHA-1可以生成一个被称为消息摘要的160位(20字节)散列值,散列值通常的呈现形式为40个十六进制数。 SHA-1被破解始末 - SegmentFault 思否 2017-2-27 · 也就是上面 maven 的那些 sha1 文件都是 jar 和 pom 对应的校验文件。 Wiki: On February 23, 2017 CWI Amsterdam and Google announced a practical collision attack against SHA-1, publishing two dissimilar PDF files which produce the same SHA-1 hash as

Git fscked by SHA-1 collision? Not so fast, says Linus

你的数字签名会被撞破么?安全Hash的攻与防 - … 2017-5-3 · 对于MD5/SHA1更复杂的攻击目前主要有共同前缀碰撞攻击(Identical PrefixCollision)和选择前缀碰撞攻击(Chosen Prefix Collision)。 共同前缀攻击是构造两个不同的消息s1和s2,他们由相同的前缀,和不同的尾部“碰撞块”组成。 How would Git handle a SHA-1 collision on a blob? - Stack 2020-7-22 · Even the more recently (February 2017) shattered.io demonstrated the possibility of forging a SHA1 collision: (see much more in my separate answer, including Linus Torvalds' Google+ post). a/ still requires over 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 SHA1 computations. This took the equivalent processing power as 6,500 years of single-CPU computations and 110 years of single-GPU computations.

SHA1 : Google provoque une collision et signe …

SHA1 : Google provoque une collision et signe l’arrêt de mort de la fonction par Guillaume Périssat , le 27 février 2017 04:51 Considérée comme obsolète depuis 2011, la fonction de hachage 怎么评论google announcing the first SHA-1 … 2017-2-25 · 这个影响非常之大,从Git到各种大网站的CA都在用SHA1。很快这些网站就毫无加密可言,因为破解SHA1带来的巨大利润也会让我们看到GPU在灰色市场上需求猛增,价格狂飙。所以作为一名普通用户,能做的只有多买点显卡屯着等着赚笔大钱。 密码学大事件! SHA-1 哈希碰撞实 … 2017-3-14 · Nine quintillion (9,223,372,036,854,775,808) SHA1 computations in total 6,500 years of CPU computation to complete the attack first phase 110 years of GPU computation to complete the second phase 可以看到,这样如此强劲的计算能力几乎是历史上最大规模