If you delete a photo or video through your computer, it won’t be deleted in Google Photos. If you delete a photo or video from Google Photos, it remains on your Google Drive and your computer. Following above steps, you can easily sync photos and videos or files to your Google Photos and Google Drive.

How to Uninstall Google Photos Backup on Windows PC? If you set up Google Photos backup on your computer, then you can choose to upload photos and videos from a phone. camera or storage device. When you don't want to backup photos and videos to Google Photos, you can uninstall it on Windows PC. If you are looking for a step by step process to uninstall Google Photos Backup on Windows PC, read on. How to permanently delete pictures from Google Photos? You can easily delete your photos and videos to clear up some space or get rid of photos and videos which you don't want using the Google Photos app. When you delete your photos, they will stay in your Trash for 60 days and then they will permanently delete. If you want to delete them permanently before 60 days, then follow the steps given below. How To Delete Auto Backup Photos On Android - YouTube Jan 29, 2016

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

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Can I delete photos after backing up to Google? | AnswersDrive Open your Google Photos application from the phone and select the photos you want to delete. Open the Google Photos app. At the bottom, tap Photos. Touch and hold a … How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos When a photo is deleted from Google Photos, the photo will be moved to Trash and saved on the Trash for 60 days. Therefore, open the Trash and see if you can restore the deleted Google photos. Step 1 Open Google Photos app on your Android phone. Step 2 Tap Menu icon (the three bars one). Choose Trash and search for the photos/videos that you How to delete photos and albums - Photos Resources Move photos or videos to trash. If you move items to trash while you have back up & sync turned on, those items will show up in trash on every device that syncs to your Google Photos library. They stay in your trash for 60 days and then are permanently deleted. Open the Google Photos app . At the bottom, tap Photos .