The SSG 5 runs with firmware version 6.3.0r14.0 while the Palo Alto PA-200 has PAN-OS 5.0.8 installed. In order to use the most secure crypto algorithms, I configured both phases with AES-256, SHA-1, and Diffie-Hellman group 5 (PFS). The zones on both firewalls are already configured – in my lab they are called “vpn-s2s”. Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks NAT Rule Updater. A process for keeping NAT rule destination IPs in sync with changing Elastic Load Balancer VIPs. A Lambda function is used to retrieve the latest ELB VIPs and updates the NAT destination IP if necessary. The process uses naming conventions and instance tagging for configuration. Building a Secure Hybrid Cloud in Azure - Palo Alto Networks In the hybrid use case, there are two possible solutions: Use a NAT instance or use the Azure VPN gateway. Image 4: Deploying a NAT instance to address support for multiple public IPs . Using a NAT Instance. In the case of the NAT instance, we require a worker node, or basic Linux® instance that takes all traffic on its primary instance and Palo Alto IPSec VPN Config - How to Set Up Between PAN Here we are done configuring Palo Alto Firewall, now we can configure the Cisco ASA on the other end to successfully establish the IPSec VPN Tunnel. On Cisco ASA Firewall: Similar to Palo Alto Firewall, it also assumes the Cisco ASA Firewall has at least 2 interfaces in Layer 3 mode.

Feb 07, 2019 · Details. How to configure IPSec VPN tunnel on Palo Alto Firewalls with NAT Device in between. Topology, PA1 ----- PA_NAT ----- PA2. Public IP of PA1 -

- Experience with security (IPSEC, SSL-VPN, NAT, GRE) - Experience with Expedition (Migration Tool) - Experience with Palo Alto Global Protect - Experience with Palo Alto Global Protect

Site-To-Site VPNs on Palo Alto Networks Firewalls - Threat

Palo Alto Networks firewalls are not compatible with uPnP. Requests from a console via uPnP to open ports will be ignored by the firewall. A 1-to-1 static NAT mapping must be created to forward the appropriate ports to the console from the Xbox Live service or PSN. Resolution Jul 30, 2018 · Configuring Palo Alto Zones. Most modern firewalls have the concept of zones.. What are zones? According to the official Palo Alto documentation: A zone is a grouping of interfaces (physical or virtual) that represents a segment of your network that is connected to, and controlled by, the firewall.